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Sprinter Limo

When booking transportation, it’s good to keep in mind that in this day and age, there are alternatives to the classic stretch limousine that still have the same feeling of decadence. A prime example of this is the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter limo van. The Sprinter limo is a sort of cross between a stretch limousine and a mini-bus, and is the next big thing in the world of luxury transportation. Now, when some people hear the word “van” in the title, they worry. When they looked to book a limo, they did so for the luxury that the experience provides, and a van doesn’t seem very luxurious. However, this isn’t just some ordinary van.

The Sprinter limo features a sleek exterior with darkly tinted windows for privacy, and the Mercedes-Benz logo on the grill is an international symbol for style and status. Inside the passenger compartment, you’ll find comfortable, leather captain chairs, or limo-style seating. The floors are either plush carpet or hardwood.   You can sit back and relax while you watch a movie on one of the two flat screen televisions, or listen to your latest playlist using the iPod hook-up or CD player. A rear control panel allows you to regulate the entertainment system and fiber optic lighting to your preferences. Most Sprinters feature a mini-bar, so you can enjoy a nice, cold, complimentary beverage.  And, as a bonus you’d never be able to experience in a standard limo, the Sprinter’s six and a half feet of head room allows you enough room to stand, stretch, enter, and exit without ducking or crawling over anybody. This vehicle is the new definition of decadent transportation.

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter limo is ideal for corporate transportation. The foremost reason for this is that extra headspace. It’s tough to look professional when you’re bending over or scooting out of a limo. With the Sprinter, you can simply stand up and walk out, no embarrassing movements required. The extra space also provides added comfort. If you’re entertaining clients or transporting a large group of people to an off-site meeting, you won’t feel like sardines in a can as you might in a limousine.  Most Sprinters also come equipped with Wi-Fi, so you don’t have to worry about missing a beat during your journey.  The Sprinter is also great for picking people up from the airport or transportation to a corporate retreat, as there is plenty of rear cargo space. Plus, showing up anywhere in a striking chauffeured vehicle like the Sprinter gives a notable impression that is sure to make you stand out.

The Sprinter is also great for travel and tourism. If you’re looking to take a trip from San Diego to Santa Barbara (or anywhere in Southern California) but you don’t feel like driving yourself or taking the train, The roomy interior gives you plenty of room to stretch out on the long journey, and the fully loaded entertainment system allows you to pass the time without getting bored. If you’re visiting from out of town and would like to go sight-seeing, but don’t like the idea of being stuck on a bus with fifty strangers and a predetermined route, the Sprinter offers a great alternative. By booking a private tour, you can choose which locations you’d like to go to and have time to explore, without adhering to a strict schedule.

Another great use for the Sprinter is weddings. The reason for this is, once again, the added space. When you’re wearing an extravagant gown, getting in and out of a limo can be an arduous ordeal, requiring help from several bridesmaids. The ability to stand up and walk out can eliminate the worry that you may ruin your beautiful dress. They’re also great for bachelor/bachelorette parties. If you want a party bus atmosphere, but don’t have twenty people in your party, the Sprinter gives the same ambiance without the cavernous extra space.

The bottom line is that the Sprinter is a great alternative to the traditional stretch limousine. Between the space, the style, and the technology, it’s a vehicle that’s sure to impress, no matter the occasion. I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot more of them in the future, as this limo van continues its rise to becoming the next big thing in luxury transportation.