Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Limo

2014 is the best year yet for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van in the chauffeured transportation industry. The vehicle has seen incredible sales over the last year as it continues its reign as the next big thing in transportation.

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is a tall-ceilinged van whose niche in the world of chauffeured transportation falls between stretch limousines and party buses. In transportation, their interiors come in all different varieties; from luxurious limo to high-class shuttle. Our own fleet of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter limo here at Roman Worldwide features fiber optic lighting, double J-style limousine seating, quilted leather seating, two flat screen televisions with CD/DVD player, surround sound, iPod hook-ups, and a mini-bar. It’s been one of our more popular vehicles, both because of its high-tech amenities, and because it bridges the gap for people who are looking for more space than a stretch limo, but less space than a vast party bus at half the size. Its six and a half feet of head space also provides enough room to stand and stretch, as well as enter and exit the vehicle without scooting or bending. It’s a vehicle of comfort and luxury, and it’s no wonder our customers enjoy it so much!

And, apparently, so does the rest of America. The US is currently the second largest market for Sprinter vans, behind Germany, and other motor companies are taking notice. At the LCT show (the big trade show for the limousine industry) in Las Vegas last month, both Chrysler and Ford debuted competing vehicles (the Ram Promaster and Transit Van, respectively), while more varieties of Sprinter limos were shown on the floor than ever before.

Despite the new surge of competition, Mercedes continues to outsell other large van manufacturers. Over the last few years, Sprinters have well outstripped the overall market for vans. While the market has increased 35% since 2009, the Sprinter’s sales have leaped an incredible 155%. Last year, over 163,000 Sprinters were sold worldwide, with 22,000 being in the US. The Sprinter’s numbers reflect Mercedes-Benz’s 130 year reputation for building top quality, precision vehicles that ooze luxury and style.

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