When it comes to transportation for small parties, sedans are probably the most versatile and widely used vehicles. They offer the comfort of chauffeured transportation without the flashy-ness of a limousine, and can be used for everything from airport transfers to corporate transportation. Their subtlety appeals to execs and VIP clients, and their practicality appeals to just about everybody.

When you think about a chauffeured sedan, the first car to come to mind is undoubtedly the Lincoln Town Car. The Town Car has been the front runner for chauffeured transportation for decades, and it’s easy to see why. Our Town Car executive L boasts a spacious interior, with 49.6 inches of legroom in the rear and 60 inches of shoulder room, as well as passenger-focused, rear controls such as stereo, AC, and even the ability to move up the front passenger seat. The exterior is classic and sophisticated, and the ride is undeniably smooth. The town car definitely sets the bar for sedans in the chauffeured transportation industry. Although Lincoln halted production on the Town Car in 2011, they’re still abundant.

For newer livery sedans, there are several options. After the demise of the Town Car was announced, automotive manufacturers scrambled to create the next best thing, and a slew of options suddenly became available.

Lincoln’s own replacement for the town car is the MKS. While it’s not quite as spacious as the Town Car, it still boasts a pretty roomy interior and is packed with tech savvy features, like an in-vehicle connectivity system and USB and iPod hook-ups. It also has an elegant and sleek design on its exterior, and comes with the inherit dependability that the Lincoln name promises.

Another option is the ever popular Chrysler 300. With an exterior similar to that of a Bentley, the 300 is all about style and comfort. The interior features real wood accents and heated leather rear seats. Like all of the newer sedan options, the 300 is packed with technology, including Sirius XM Radio, Traffic, and Travel link, so you can know how quickly you’ll get to your destination, what the weather’s like, and set the mood with your favorite music in the meantime.

Cadillac’s sedan option is the XTS. Cadillac is well known for their ultra-luxurious interiors, and the XTS is no exception. The cabin is spacious and quiet, made from high-quality materials. The leather seats are heated and ventilated, and the entertainment system includes Bluetooth phone and audio streaming, as well as rear-seat Blu-Ray players, so you can enjoy a movie on a long trip. The trunk is also one of the largest in its class, making it an optimal vehicle for airport runs.

As the Lincoln Town Car is phased-out of the chauffeured transportation industry, it’ll be interesting to see which of these vehicles will take the top spot for sedans. One thing’s for certain: there are a lot of great options to choose from. And, luckily, we still have our trusty Town Car (for now!).